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NET 2021 will be held entirely online from Friday, April 9, 2021 to Sunday, April 11, 2021

Tournament tracks 

NET strives to create an educational, engaging, and inclusive environment for all students. NET 2021 will feature two tournament tracks for its competitive events, and coaches should decide whether to place their school's team into either track based on students' prior exposure to economics. Competitive events will take place within each track, while educational events will be open to all NET attendees. 

Competitive events 

Power Round

The Power Round is a written, team-based competition. The 2021 Power Round will be sent to coaches virtually, and students will be given a window of time to complete the test as a team and submit the test for grading.  

Econ Bowl

Teams comprised of four students from the same school will be presented with the Econ Bowl questions in a virtual meeting with a NET proctor. Teams will not compete in head-to-head matches, but instead will compete against all teams in their tournament track. Each team will be in its own virtual "room" and will get a chance to answer the questions in a round for points that will determine advancement.  

Updated rules to the Econ Bowl will be released in early 2021.  

educational events 

The speaker list for the 2021 tournament will be posted as the tournament date gets closer. Teams can expect to hear from both Northwestern faculty, graduate students, and a panel of undergraduates. 


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