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The Event



NET 2022 will be a mixture of online and in-person events. The in-person tournament will be held on Northwestern's campus on April 2, 2022, with a collection of virtual events taking place March 28 - April 2

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Competitive events 

Power Round

The Power Round is a written, team-based competition. The 2022 Power Round will take place entirely asynchronously the week before the in-person tournament. 

Econ Bowl

Teams comprised of four students from the same school can participate in the 2022 in-person tournament. They will compete head-to-head with other schools throughout the day. Depending on interest, we may host a virtual Econ Bowl tournament for teams unable to travel. 

educational events 

NET22 will feature a range of speakers, including Northwestern faculty, graduate students, and a panel of undergraduates. Students will also be able to participate in Economics-related activities the day of the event, along with other virtual education opportunities in the week leading up to NET22.


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