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2023 Job Market Candidates

Siddhant Agarwal
References: Bejamin Friedrich (Committee Chair), Meghan BusseEdoardo Teso
Agarwal, Siddhant
Kellogg School of ManagementEmailAgarwal Siddhant
Agarwal SiddhantWebpage
Labor Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy
Matias Bayas-Erazo
References: George-Marios Angeletos (Committee Co-Chair), Guido Lorenzoni (Committee Co-Chair), Alessandro Pavan, Matthew Rognlie
Bayas-Erazo, Matias
EconomicsEmailMatias Bayas-Erazo
Matias Bayas-ErazoWebpage
Maria Betto
References: Alessandro Pavan (Committee Co-Chair), Marciano Siniscalchi (Committee Co-Chair), Wojciech Olszewski
Betto, Maria
EconomicsEmailMaria Betto
Maria BettoWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Clement  Bohr
References: Lawrence Christiano (Committee Chair), Marti Mestieri, Matthew Rognlie
Bohr, Clement
EconomicsEmailClement Bohr
Clement BohrWebpage
Diego Cid
References: Martin Eichenbaum (Committee Chair), Diego Kanzig, Giorgio Primiceri
Cid, Diego
EconomicsEmailDiego Cid
Diego Cid Webpage
Macroeconomics, Finance
Coluccia, DavideEconomics PostdocEmailDavide Coluccia
Davide ColucciaWebpage
Innovation, Economic History, Labor Economics
Marie-Louise Decamps
References: Seema Jayachandran, (Committee Co-Chair), Christopher Udry (Committee Co-Chair), Sara Hernandez-Saborit, Jacopo Ponticelli
Decamps, Marie-Louise
EconomicsEmailMarie-Louise Decamps
Marie-Louise DecampsWebpage
Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Hanks, FergalEconomicsEmailFergal Hanks
Fergal HanksWebpage
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Katherine Hauck

References: Price Fishback (Committee Chair), Joel Mokyr, Tiemen Woutersen, Mo Xiao

Hauck, Katherine
Economics PostdocEmailKatherine Hauck
Katherine HauckWebpage
Applied Microeconomics
Diego Huerta
References: Georgy Egorov (Committee Co-Chair), Giorgio Primiceri (Committee Co-Chair), Lawrence Christiano
Huerta, Diego
EconomicsEmailDiego Huerta
Diego HuertaWebpage
Macroeconomics, Political Economy
Yoshimasa Katayama
References: David Dranove (Committee Chair), Robert Porter, Molly Schnell
Katayama, Yoshimasa
Economics EmailYoshimasa Katayama
Yoshimasa KatayamaWebpage
Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Deborah Kim
References: Ivan Canay (Committee Chair), Eric AuerbachJoel Horowitz
Kim, Deborah
Economics EmailDeborah Kim
Deborah KimWebpage
Sun Yong Kim
References: Torben Andersen (Committee Co-Chair), Dimitris Papanikolaou (Committee Co-Chair), Winston Wei Dou, Zhengyang Jiang
Kim, Sun Yong
Kellogg School of ManagementEmailSun Yong Kim
Sun Yong KimWebpage
International Macro-Finance, Fiscal Policy and Asset Pricing
Kyriazis, PanagiotisEconomicsEmailPanagiotis Kyriazis
Panagiotis KyriazisWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Jimmy Lee
References: Christopher Udry (Committee Chair), Lori Beaman, Dean Karlan
Lee, Jimmy
EconomicsEmailJimmy Lee
Jimmy LeeWebpage
Development Economics, Household Economics, Organizational Economics
Anran Li
References: David Dranove (Committee Co-Chair), Igal Hendel (Committee Co-Chair), Gaston Illanes, Molly Schnell
Li, Anran
EconomicsEmailAnran Li
Anran LiWebpage
Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Liu, ChaoKellogg School of ManagementEmailChao Liu
Chao LiuWebpage
Household Finance, Real Estate, Development Economics
Lopez , GastonEconomics EmailGaston Lopez
Gaston LopezWebpage
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Carlo Medici
References: Joel Mokyr (Committee Co-Chair), Matthew Notowidigdo (Committee Co-Chair), Nancy Qian (Committee Co-Chair), Marco TabelliniEdoardo Teso
Medici, Carlo
Kellogg School of ManagementEmailCarlo Medici
Carlo MediciWebpage
Labor Economics, Political Economy, Economic History
Megumi Murakami
References: Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), Walker Hanlon, Kiminori Matsuyama
Murakami, Megumi
Economics EmailMegumi Murakami
Megumi MurakamiWebpage
Economic History, Microeconomic Theory
Matthew O'Keefe
References: Robert Porter (Committee Chair), Vivek Bhattacharya, Mar Reguant
O'Keefe, Matthew
EconomicsEmailMatthew O'Keefe
Matthew O'KeefeWebpage
Industrial Organization, Energy and Environmental Economics
Francisco Pareschi
References: Igal Hendel (Committee Chair), Vivek Bhattacharya, Gaston Illanes, Mar Reguant
Pareschi , Francisco
EconomicsEmailFrancisco Pareschi
Francisco Pareschi Webpage
Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Poberejsky, RomaKellogg School of ManagementEmailRoma Poberejsky
Roma PoberejskyWebpage
Finance, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Genia Rachkovski
References: Jonathan Guryan (Committee Chair), Victor Lavy, Joel Mokyr
Rachkovski , Genia
EconomicsEmailGenia Rachkovski
Genia RachkovskiWebpage
Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Political Economy
Ahnaf Rafi
References: Ivan Canay (Committee Co-Chair), Joel Horowitz (Committee Co-Chair), Eric Auerbach
Rafi, Ahnaf
EconomicsEmailAhnaf Rafi
Ahnaf Rafi Webpage
Ritwika Sen
References: Michael Powell (Committee Co-Chair), Christopher Udry (Committee Co-Chair), Lori Beaman, Ameet Morjaria
Sen, Ritwika
Kellogg School of ManagementEmailRitwika Sen
Ritwika SenWebpage
Development Economics, Organizational Economics
Maren Vairo
References: Eddie Dekel (Committee Co-Chair), Bruno Strulovici (Committee Co-Chair), Piotr Dworczak, Yingni GuoAsher Wolinsky
Vairo, Maren
EconomicsEmailMaren Vairo
Maren VairoWebpage
Microeconomic Theory
Wang, Jingyuan EconomicsEmailJingyuan Wang
Jingyuan WangWebpage
Industrial Organization, Energy and Environmental Economics
Wilner, Tomas Economics EmailTomas Wilner
Tomas WilnerWebpage
Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics
Zhao, Weijia Kellogg School of ManagementEmailWeijia Zhao
Weijia ZhaoWebpage
Finance, Political Economy