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Undergraduate student Jessica Bradford selected for Expanding Diversity in Economics Summer Institute 2023

April 20, 2023 – from University of Chicago Becker Friedman Institute
The EDE program was launched by BFI in 2021 and aims to increase diversity in economics through finding and supporting outstanding undergraduates who are interested in the field. Through the EDE Summer Institute, BFI and the Hutchins Center are dedicated to fostering a new generation of academics and professionals who draw on the tools of economics to offer new perspectives and research ideas, and eventually make a positive impact in the world. It recognizes the necessity of diversifying the study of economics and expanding the range of voices in the field.

Northwestern Team Wins First Place in UChicago Econometrics Game

April 2, 2023 – from University of Chicago Econometrics Game
The Econometrics Game, held annually by the University of Chicago, is a fast-paced competition where teams of one to four undergraduate students from universities across the US and internationally are given 13 hours with a dataset to devise and answer a question of economic importance. Northwestern's team, including Erica Ewing Zhou, Naoki Ito, Aren Soner Yalcin, and Natan Tesfahun, tied with Harvard to place first with their paper "Impacts of Pandemic Instruction Mode on High School Education Outcome: Evidence from Illinois."

Benjamin Golub and Piotr Dworczak Tenured

February 9, 2023 – from Northwestern University
Northwestern honored 92 faculty members who earned tenure in 2020, 2021 and 2022 during a Feb. 6 ceremony in Evanston.
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