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Nemmers Prize Conference

"Conference in Honor of Ariel Pakes"

Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2023
Kellogg Global Hub
White Auditorium

Conference schedule

Friday October 13, 2023
Time Title

Welcome - Robert Porter (Northwestern University)


Richard Blundell (University College London): Durables and Lemons: Private Information and the Market for Cars (joint with Ran Gu - University of Essex, Soren Leth-Petersen - University of Copenhagen, Hamish Low - University of Oxford and Costas Meghir - Yale University)


Myrto Kalouptsidi (Harvard University): Investment in Infrastructure and Trade: The Case of Ports (joint with Giulia Brancaccio - New York University and Theodore Papageorgiou -Boston College)

10:35 Break

Rebecca Diamond (Stanford University): A Contractarian CPI (joint with Ariel Pakes - Harvard University)


Gastón Illanes (Northwestern University): Information Frictions in Mortgage Refinancing (joint with Vivek Bhattacharya - Northwestern University, Gabriela Covarrubias - Financial Markets Commission of Chile, José Ignacio Cuesta - Stanford University, Ana María Montoya - Universidad de Chile and Raimundo Undurraga - Universidad de Chile)

12:30 Lunch

Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford University): Causal Interpretation of Structural IV Estimands (joint with Isaiah Andrews - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nano Barahona - University of California, Berkeley, Ashesh Rambachan - Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Jesse Shapiro - Harvard University)


Kate Ho (Princeton University): Contracting Over Rebates: Formulary Design and Pharmaceutical Spending (joint with Robin Lee - Harvard University)

3:30 Break

Nemmers Prize lecture

Ariel Pakes (Harvard University): Pharmaceutical Advertising in Dynamic Equilibrium (joint with Pierre Dubois  - Toulouse School of Economics)

Introduced by Steven Berry (Yale University)

5:30 Adjournment
Saturday October 14, 2023
Time Title

Parag Pathak (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Who Gets What May Not Matter: Understanding School Match Effects (joint with Atila Abdulkadiroglu - Duke University and Christopher Walters - University of California, Berkeley).  


Costas Meghir (Yale University): Labor Market Matching, Wages, and Amenities (joint with Thibaut Lamadon - University of Chicago, Jeremy Lise - University of Minnesota and Jean-Marc Robin - Sciences Po, Paris)

10:30 Break

Rachel Griffith (Institute for Fiscal Studies): The Effects of Sin Taxes and Advertising Restrictions in Dynamic Equilibrium (joint with Rossi Abi-Rafeh - Toulouse School of Economics, Pierre Dubois - Toulouse School of Economics and Martin O'Connell - University of Wisconsin, Madison)


Liran Einav (Stanford University): Selling Subscriptions (joint with Ben Klopack - Texas A&M University and Neale Mahoney - Stanford University)

12:30 Adjournment and lunch

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