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RA Opportunities in Economics

Title: A Large-Scale Analysis of Merger Simulations (Multiple Positions Available)

 Professor: Vivek Bhattacharya and Gaston Illanes

 Hours: Flexible, but prefer a commitment of at least 10-15 per week

 Class Requirements: Econometrics strongly preferred

 Skills: Familiarity with Python would be preferred

 Details: This project is designed to evaluate standard tools in industrial organization to predict the price effects of mergers.  The RAs will help the professors gather and clean data from a variety of sources, including the Nielsen Retail Scanner Dataset, SEC filings, and other databases to generate information about products associated with a large set of mergers.  They will then use this data and existing Python code to (1) predict the effects of mergers that actually happened in the past and (2) compare the predictions to the observed price effects.  We anticipate this being a short-term project over the summer.

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