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John AffruntiAccounting Specialist847-491-5277
KGH 3291A
Christy AndersonAssistant Director of Administration847-491-2798
KGH 3293A
Kayla AtkinsProgram Assistant847-467-7263
KGH 3317A
Eric AuerbachAssistant Professor847-491-4416
KGH 3385A
Lori BeamanAssociate Professor847-491-5394
KGH 3377B
Vivek BhattacharyaAssistant Professor847-491-8213
Ronald BraeutigamHarvey Kapnick Professor Emeritus847-491-8243
KGH 3365B
Louis CainAdjunct Professor, Professor Emeritus at Loyola University Chicago847-491-8225
KGH 3479C
Ivan CanayHSBC Research Professor847-491-2929
KGH 3423C
Benjamin ChabotAdjunct Associate Professor, Economist at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago847-491-8205
KGH 3195 (Fall and Spring Quarters)C
Jannet ChangLecturer847-491-8219
KGH 3197 (Fall Quarter)C
Lawrence ChristianoAlfred W. Chase Professor847-491-8231
KGH 3455C
Robert CoenProfessor Emeritus847-491-8246
KGH 3487C
Eddie DekelWilliam R. Kenan, Jr. Professor847-491-4414
KGH 3329 D
Matthias DoepkeProfessor847-491-8207
KGH 3433D
Piotr DworczakAssistant Professor847-491-8203
KGH 3389D
Martin EichenbaumCharles Moskos Professor847-491-8232
KGH 3457E
Jeffrey ElyCharles E. and Emma Morrison Professor; Director, Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences Program847-491-8208
KGH 3223E
Joseph FerrieProfessor; Department Chair847-491-8210
KGH 3211F
Michael GiordanoResearch Assistant, Center for Economic History847-467-2550
KGH 3287G
Michael GmeinerLecturermichael.gmeiner@northwestern.eduG
Ben GolubAssociate ProfessorTBD
KGH 3425G
Robert GordonStanley G. Harris Professor847-491-3616
KGH 3341G
Jake GosselinResearch Analyst, Global Poverty Research Lab847-491-5427
KGH 3285G
Yingni GuoAssistant Professor847-491-8260
KGH 3227G
Igal HendelIda C. Cook Professor847-491-8226
KGH 3219H
Sara Hernández-SaboritAssistant Professor of Instruction847-491-8209
KGH 3491H
James HornstenProfessor of Instruction847-491-8220
KGH 3467H
Joel HorowitzCharles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor847-491-8253
KGH 3347H
Gaston IllanesAssistant Professor847-491-8227
KGH 3421I
Lola IttnerProgram Assistant847-491-5213
KGH 3317I
Seema JayachandranBreen Family Professor847-491-4757
KGH 3439J
Dean KarlanFrederic Esser Nemmers Chair in Economics and Finance, KSM847-491-8706
KGH 4441K
Jeffrey LewisAssociate Professor of Instruction847-491-8238
KGH 3475L
Annie LiangAssistant ProfessorTBD
KGH 3361L
Frank LimbrockLecturer847-491-8678
KGH 3495L
Guido LorenzoniCardiss Collins Professor847-491-8217
KGH 3359L
Darren LubotskyVisiting Associate Professor from University of Illinois at Chicagodarren.lubotsky@northwestern.eduL
Charles ManskiBoard of Trustees Professor847-491-8223
KGH 3331M
Kiminori MatsuyamaProfessor847-491-8490
KGH 3325M
Bhash MazmunderVisiting Professor, Senior Economist and Research Advisor and Director, Chicago Federal Statistical Researchbhashkar.mazumder@northwestern.eduM
Martí MestieriAssistant Professor847-491-8218
KGH 3323M
Joel MokyrRobert H. Strotz Professor847-491-5693
KGH 3335M
Dale Mortensen1939 - 2014M
Leon Moses1924 - 2013M
Michelle ObuhanichDirector of Finance and Administration847-491-5697
KGH 3319O
Scott OgawaAssociate Professor of Instruction847-491-8229
KGH 3481O
Wojciech OlszewskiProfessor847-491-8482
KGH 3213O
John PanzarLouis W. Menk Professor Emeritus847-491-8242
KGH 3473P
Alessandro PavanProfessor847-491-8266
KGH 3357P
Harry PeiAssistant Professor847-491-8247
KGH 3391P
Robert PorterWilliam R. Kenan, Jr. Professor847-491-3491
KGH 3351P
Giorgio PrimiceriProfessor847-491-5395
KGH 3431P
Mar ReguantAssociate Professor847-491-8221
KGH 3383R
Stanley Reiter1925-2014R
William RogersonCharles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor; Director, Business Institutions Program847-491-8484
KGH 3353R
Matthew RognlieAssistant Professor847-491-8215
KGH 3451R
Michele RosenbergPostdoctoral Research Fellowmichele.rosenberg@northwestern.eduKGH 3917R
Ian SavageProfessor of Instruction; Associate Department Chair; Director, Transportation and Logistics Program847-491-8241
KGH 3371S
Rita SavakisGraduate Program Assistant847-491-2921
KGH 3210S
Morton SchapiroProfessor; University President847-491-7456
Rebecca CrownS
Molly SchnellAssistant Professor847-491-8235
KGH 3437S
Greg SchraderIT Specialist847-491-5141
KGH 3291S
Eric SchulzProfessor of Instruction847-491-8204
KGH 3193S
Joshua ShermanAdjunct Assistant Professor847-491-8219
KGH 3197 (Spring Quarter)S
Marciano SiniscalchiProfessor; Director of Graduate Studies847-491-5398
KGH 3217S
Alison StouteGraduate Program Manager847-491-5694
KGH 3210S
Bruno StruloviciProfessor847-491-8233
KGH 3225S
Christopher UdryRobert E. and Emily King Professor847-491-8216
KGH 3427U
Masako UedaLecturer847-491-8205
KGH 3195 (Winter and Spring Quarters)U
Richard WalkerAssociate Professor of Instruction847-491-8224
KGH 3493W
Burton WeisbrodProfessor Emeritus847-467-1235
KGH 3337W
Mark WitteProfessor of Instruction; Director of Undergraduate Studies847-491-8481
KGH 3393W
Asher WolinskyGordon Fulcher Professor847-491-4415
KGH 3461W
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