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Northwestern's Economics Community

Our outstanding faculty members are known for the quality of their teaching and contributions to the field. Seventeen Northwestern economists are elected fellows of the Econometric Society. Twenty-eight are faculty research fellows or research associates of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Among department faculty are several former editors of Econometrica. Our faculty have served as presidents of professional societies, and have taken leaves for public service in Washington, D.C. Longtime faculty member Dale Mortensen (1939-2014) was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics.

In addition to the 45 faculty in the Economics Department, approximately twice as many economists can be found in other departments on campus including in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Kellogg School of Management, and the School of Education and Social Policy. Many of these faculty in other schools and departments teach courses that have economics content.

Northwestern also has interdisciplinary research centers that conduct research and hold events that are of interest to economists. These centers include the Institute for Policy Research, the Transportation Center, and the Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science.

Spotlight on Our Faculty

Seema Jayachandran's research focuses on economic issues in developing countries. Her work explores the determinants of children's health and education; the environment; gender equality; labor markets; and political economy. Learn more about her research on economic issues in developing countries, specifically related to climate change in the video below.
Professor Sara Hernandez-Saborit discusses her academic journey, her research, and delves into the topic of economics and gender, a class she teaches.