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Economists study how individuals, families, companies and nations confront difficult choices about how to use limited resources to meet various needs and wants.

Degrees and courses

One of Weinberg College's most popular majors, a major in economics prepares students for a variety of positions in government, industry or finance. In addition to a major, the department offers a minor and a joint BA/MA program. 

Economics courses range from our popular two-quarter introductory survey,  taken by half of all Northwestern students, to more advanced and applied work. Courses are offered in economic history, macroeconomics and banking, the labor market, taxation and public spending, competitive strategy, economic regulation, the environment, and the economics of education, health care and transportation. 

For Current Students

Economics students can take advantage of tutoring, advising and online assistance. Use these resources.

Questions? If you have questions about the Economics undergraduate program, please email us at

For Transfer Students

Welcome to Northwestern and thank you for your interest in studying economics! For more information, please visit Weinberg's Transfer Student page.

Additionally, for questions regarding transfer credit, please visit the Transfer Credit section of our undergraduate advising FAQs page or email with any questions. 

For alumni

Economics majors go on to careers in management consulting, commercial and investment banking, and government work at all levels.

See ways our alumni can stay in touch and give back to the department.