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Annual 2022-23 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
Economics Courses
ECON 101First Year SeminarHernandez-SaboritGordon
ECON 201Introduction to MacroeconomicsMcKenzieMcKenzieMcKenzie
ECON 202Introduction to MicroeconomicsHernández-SaboritHornstenHernández-Saborit
ECON 281Introduction to Applied EconometricsWalkerLewisWalker
ECON 307Economics of Medical CareLimbrockLimbrockLimbrock
ECON 308Money and BankingWalkerSchulz
ECON 309Public FinanceLewisLewis
ECON 310-1Microeconomics IHornstenSchulzSinitsyn
ECON 310-2Microeconomics IIDworczakGuoPei
ECON 311MacroeconomicsPrimiceriGordonWitte
ECON 313Economics of DataLiang
ECON 315Topics in Economic HistoryLevintal (Loewenthal)
ECON 316Advanced Topics in MacroeconomicsEichenbaum
ECON 323-1Economic History of the United States Before 1865Beach
ECON 323-2Economic History of the United States After 1865Chabot
ECON 324Western Economic HistoryHanlon
ECON 327Economic Development in AfricaUdry
ECON 328Complexity EconomicsSchulz
ECON 329Experimental EconomicsOgawaOgawa
ECON 330Behavioral EconomicsSchulzSchulz
ECON 331Economics of Risk and UncertaintySiniscalchi
ECON 333Economics of Social PolicySchanzenbach
ECON 335Political EconomicsStrulovici
ECON 337Economics of State and Local GovernmentsVannutelli
ECON 339Labor EconomicsLewisLewis
ECON 341Economics of EducationOgawa
ECON 342Economics of GenderHernández-Saborit
ECON 343Economics of ImmigrationMcKenzie
ECON 349Industrial EconomicsPorterSinitsynHendel
ECON 350Monopoly, Competition, and Public PolicyHornsten
ECON 354Issues in Urban and Regional EconomicsMcKenzieMcKenzie
ECON 355Transportation Economics and Public PolicySavage
ECON 358Economics of Art and CultureHornsten
ECON 360-1Foundations of Corporate Finance TheoryUeda
ECON 360-2InvestmentsUeda
ECON 361International TradeMatsuyama
ECON 362International FinanceChristianoWalker
ECON 372Environmental EconomicsWitteWitte
ECON 373Natural Resource EconomicsWitte
ECON 380-1Game TheoryWolinsky
ECON 381-1EconometricsAuerbach
ECON 381-2EconometricsBhattacharya
ECON 383Applied EconometricsHorowitz
ECON 398-1Senior SeminarHornsten
ECON 398-2Senior SeminarHornsten
ECON 401Mathematical Methods of Economic TheoryOlszewski
ECON 410-1MicroeconomicsDekel
ECON 410-2MicroeconomicsSiniscalchi
ECON 410-3MicroeconomicsPavan
ECON 411-1MacroeconomicsChristiano
ECON 411-2MacroeconomicsEichenbaum
ECON 411-3MacroeconomicsRognlie
ECON 412-1Economic Theory and MethodsDworczak
ECON 412-2Economic Theory and MethodsOlszewski
ECON 412-3Economic Theory and MethodsPei
ECON 414-1Economics of InformationLiang
ECON 414-2Economics of InformationGuo
ECON 414-3Economics of InformationGolub
ECON 416-1Advanced MacroeconomicsKänzig
ECON 416-2Advanced MacroeconomicsRognlie
ECON 416-3Advanced MacroeconomicsChristiano
ECON 420-1American Economic HistoryChabot
ECON 420-2European Economic HistoryMokyr
ECON 425-1Development EconomicsBeaman
ECON 425-2Development EconomicsUdry
ECON 436-1Public FinanceJackson / Vannutelli
ECON 436-2Public FinanceSchnell
ECON 440-1Labor EconomicsJacome
ECON 450-1Industrial OrganizationIllanes
ECON 450-2Industrial OrganizationBhattacharya
ECON 450-3Industrial OrganizationHendel
ECON 460-2International EconomicsMatsuyama
ECON 480-1EconometricsManski
ECON 480-2EconometricsHorowitz
ECON 480-3EconometricsCanay
ECON 481-1Advanced EconometricsHorowitz
ECON 481-2Advanced EconometricsAuerbach
ECON 481-3Advanced EconometricsCanay
ECON 482Applied Time-Series EconometricsPrimiceri
ECON 483Applied MicroeconometricsBugni
ECON 498-1Advanced Topics in EconomicsReguant
ECON 498-2Advanced Topics in EconomicsAngeletos
ECON 501Graduate Student SeminarWolinskyPavan
ECON 515Research Seminar in Economic TheoryElyEly
ECON 520Research Seminar in Economic HistoryFerrieFerrie
ECON 525Research Seminar in Development EconomicsBeamanBeaman
ECON 530Research Seminar in MacroeconomicsPrimiceriPrimiceri
ECON 535Research Seminar in Applied MicroeconomicsSchnellSchnell
ECON 550Research Seminar in Industrial OrganizationPorterPorter
ECON 580Research Seminar in EconometricsCanayCanay
Statistics Courses
STAT 210Introduction to Probability and StatisticsSinitsynSinitsynSinitsyn
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