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Undergraduate Economics Honors Senior Theses

Copies of previous honors theses are available for review from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.



*Interdisciplinary Honors with Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences


*Interdisciplinary Honors with Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences






Megan Angell- Heterogeneous Effects of Anti-Poverty Programs in Ghana

Rachel Hersh- The Impact of Political Party Affiliation on Sustainable Investing Strategies in U.S. Public Pension Funds

Javier Madrazo Labardini- Playing Favorites? Political Patronage in the Allocation of Local Public Goods

Anand Lal-Tabak- Identifying Bias in Luminosity-Based Estimation: A Local Level Assessment of Night Light Data as a Proxy for Economic Activity

Xumeng Li- Are travelers getting worse-off after airline mergers - A study on the impacts of U.S. airline mergers on consumer welfare in domestic city-pair markets

Brian Lietke- Booming prison construction: An Economic analysis of America’s response to increased import competition from China

Yunhao Liu- Touring the Island: The Effects of High-Speed Rail on Tourism Distribution in Hainan Province

Hassan Sayed- Colonial Distortions: A Model of Extraction and Social Fabric

Shayna Servillas- The African Aid Market: How a Rise in Private Chinese Investment Impacts Aid Incentives for Governance



Kiyrie Abernethy- Predicting Demand in Bike Share Systems

Michael Cahana- The Distributional Impacts of Real-Time Pricing in the Spanish Residential Electricity Market

Mackenzie Lee-The Impact of Subway Access on Property Prices: Analysis of New York City's Second Avenue Subway

Xinyi Liu- College Major Choice under Financial Constraint: How do low income students choose majors compared to the representative student body at Northwestern?

Filippo Maggioni- Mutual Guarantee Societies and Soft Information Signals

Sangwoo Park- Does Transit Availability Affect the Responsiveness of Drivers to Gas Prices?

Parth Rajwade- The Effects of Having High Status Goals on Subjective Well-Being

Eliott Sassouni- The Paradox of ETFs’ Passivity: Can the Intentional Diversification of ETFs lead to Unintentional Consequences?

Lillian Siegel- Analyzing the Women's Suffrage Movement and the 19th Amendment of 1920 on Health Outcomes

Matthew Stadnicki- Links between School Choice and Home Prices

Emily Vogt- The Cognitive and Economic Implications of Nonmedical Adderall & Prescription Stimulant Use on College Campuses

Yuqi Zhang- A Study of the Economies of Scale of Light Rail Transit in the United States



Daniel Baker Using Machine Learning to Improve College Football Recruitment Strategies and Decision Making

Alec Blumenthal Electricity Rates and Electric Vehicle Adoption

Ross Chu How Do Disasters in Home Countries Affect the Educational Performance of Immigrants?

Jonathan CorinThe Effect of Skilled Nursing Facilities Admissions on Accountable Care Organization Savings Rates

Tory Do Recidivism Rates in Private Prisons

Burkett Evans Empirical Testing of the Malthusian Population Model

Alex GordonStudents Prefer Classes with Better Evaluations

Gavriel Hirsch Why do Restaurants Offer Reservations?

Sara JohnsEffect of Wind Generation on Real-Time Wholesale Prices in the Texas (ERCOT) Market

Sang Rae KimMigrant Bride Phenomenon in East Asia and the Effect of International Marriage Normalization Policy

Wooyoung Lee Donkeys Don’t Become Horses: The Effect of Player Wages and Managerial Experience on the Performance of Football (Soccer) Teams

Haksoo Lee How do Northwestern Students Infer Returns to MMSS? Major Choice Behavior of Northwestern Students

Max LevineLarge Bank Presence: How Does the Presence of Large National and Regional Banks Impact Community Bank Return on Equity?

Aidan McLoughlinThe Early Decision Game: An Analysis of College Admissions Strategy and Who It Benefits

JuJu MiaoExpensive Babies and the Timing of Births: The Economic Incentives of Shifting Delivery Dates with Different Medical Insurance Types

Spencer OhEstimating Water Demand in the Midwest

Kelsey PukelisImpact of Nonfarm Participation on Household Investments and Expenditures

Priyanka Saha Analyzing the Impact of Columbia’s 1993 Healthcare Reform on Healthcare Utilization & Health Outcomes

Kathir SundarrajIntegrated Delivery Networks: Cost and Quality Outcomes of Health-Plan Affiliated Hospitals

Lauren ThomasFor Love or Money: Why Students Choose Careers in Finance and Consulting

Alex WrubelAre Cell Phones the New Crack? The Effect of Mobile Phone Addiction on Empathy

 Edwin WuOne Size Fits All? Making Banking Policy Recommendations for Disparate Countries




James Bien - The Effects of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Job Search and Part-Time Employment

Emily Berson - It’s Fourth Down and What Does David Romer Say? An Examination of Romer’s Results and Papers

 Jonathan Blake - U.S. Interest Rates and Commercial Bank Profitability: Building a Zero Lower Bound into a Simple Bank Profitability Model

Shih-Yung Huang - Effects of the East Asian Financial Crisis on Women’s Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Indonesia

Nick Jacobson - The Effects of Unemployment, Income, Poverty, and Income Inequality on U.S. Mortality Rates by Race and Gender, 1999-2014

Camille Liu - Age and Accelerated Learning Status:  The Perils of Segregating Students by Ability

Lu Lu - Analysis on Broadband Service Pricing Model in China

Jonathan Merber - Asset Pricing in the Equity Markets: An Empirical Study of Tax Receivable Agreements in Initial Public Offerings

Hallie Miller - The Impact of Infectious Disease Outbreaks on International Trade Flows

Martin Ying - The Impact of Immigrants on the Employment of Low Education Native American Workers

Yuki Zou - Explaining Target Selection of Hedge Fund Activists Using Game Theory


Oriana Chiu - The Effect of Earnings and Unemployment on Female Marital Status by Ethnicity, 1995-2014

Jonathan Cohen - Friday Distraction in Financial Markets: Evidence from Earning Announcements and Bid-Ask Spreads

Zahin Haque - Competition in Microcredit Markets

Do Hyung Kim - Impact of Quantitative Easing on Investment Decision of Public Pension Funds

Spencer Levine - Hedge Fund Activism and Its Effects on Mid-to-Large Cap Targets

Raman Michael - Do Physicians' Perceptions of Malpractice Risk Affect Patient Safety?

William Morrison - Identifying the Theoretical Model that Best Describes Human Decision-Making under Uncertainty by Empirically Analyzing Responses to Shifts and Rescaling

Andrew Niederschulte - Do Superstars Lead to Success? The Effect of Payroll Distribution on Team Success in the Big 4 American Sports Leagues

Meemi Ownsuwan - The Role of Leverage in REIT Capital Structures: The Long Run Effects of Financial Distress Costs on REIT Values

Michael Shi - Sex and STEM: The relationship between class gender ratios and female retention in science, mathematics and engineering sequences

Ranjodh Singh - Externalities of Ride-hailing: An Analysis of Changes in DUI Rates

Katherine Stair - Government Regulation and Financial Riskiness: The Relationship between Home-Rule Legislation and Municipal Bond Issuances

Alice Zhou - Social Influence of Average Ratings on Consumer Online Rating Behavior





Seungho Andy Back - The Present and Future of the Korean Housing Market: Decreasing Popularity of Chonsei and Increasing Popularity of MRVD

Joe Calland - Rational Response or Over-reaction? The Stock Market’s Polar Plunge in February

Lauren DePaula - The Myopic Effects of Activism

Alex Entz - Does Expanding Preschool Access Improve Test Scores?

Meraaj Haleem - Changing Financial Incentives and Hospital Behavior: A Study of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program and Its Impact on Hospital Decision Making

Andrew Holden - In Search of Recovery: The Impact of New Deal Policies on Employment in Search and Output

Nadine Jachi - Deindustrialization and the Gender Wage Gap: The Growing Role of Discrimination in the Manufacturing and Service Sectors

Layne Krishon - High School Graduation Requirements and the General Educational Development Program: The Effects of Standards on the Number of GED Recipients and the Labor Market Returns to a Diploma

Bennett Silbert - Estimating the Effects of Civil War on the Economic Growth of Neighboring Counties





Victor Chang - Linking Access with Quality: A Case for Hospital Altruism  

John Farr - Equity and Bank Runs: Insurance and Perhaps Prevention 

Luke Lopatka - Flatland Bubbles: An Empirical Study of Commercial Office Markets in the ‘Dot-Com’ Boom

Jaclyn Mauch - Economic Influences on Diet Patterns 1995-2011

Girish Pendse - Does Student Group Membership Affect Performance in College and Satisfaction with the College Experience?  

Svetlana RusakovaWho Is Right on Target? Is There a Bailout Hidden in the Eurozone’s Payment Settlement System?  

Neil SarkisianThe Changing “Southwest effect”: A Dynamic Entry Model

Vivan Som - Evidence of Divergence: A study of Public Expenditure and per capita Income Growth across Indian States between 1960 and 1988

Jichao Xu - The Effect of Hydraulic Fracturing on US Demand for Foreign Oil


Tughan Alioglu - Structural Break Analysis on the United Kingdom’s Monetary Policy and the Deutschmark-shadowing Experiment in the 1980s

Alexandra Baleanu - Emotions and Suboptimal Decision Making:  I know I am wrong, so what?

Emily Giudice - Saving for Sons:  How Son Preference and Skewed Sex Ratios Alter Indian Savings Behavior

Chung Kim - The Effect of Salary Erosion on Judicial Departure: Using Cost of Living Differentials

William Qiao - Racial Disparities in Access to Emergency Department Care by Analyzing Patient Wait Times

Bill Russell - Dr. Wildcat:  Explaining Decisions to Go to Graduate School after Northwestern

Jonathan Schwartz - And Don’t Forget the Popcorn:  Implications of Technological Shocks on Film Product Substitutability

Michael Steven Slonkosky - Moving Beyond CAPM: Testing Whether Multifactor Models Can Be Used to Better Explain Differences in the Average Rate of Return of Railroad Company Stock Returns from 1868 to 1913

Greg Smith - Concentration of Second Homes and its Effect on Residential Price Levels After the Crisis:  A Case Study in New England

Kevin Soter - Off the Beaten Track:  The Rise of Non-tenure-track Faculty in American Higher Education


Suzanne Chang - Southwest to the Rescue? An investigation of Hub Premiums and Southwest Airlines

Alice Feng - The impact of Openness to International Trade and Foreign Investment on Rural-Urban Income Inequality in China: 1980-2009

Yan Miao - Consumption Insurance against Illness: Evidence among the Elderly Population in Mexico

Jin-Soo Yu - Improving Students’ Academic Achievement: A Case for Teacher Salaries

Mikhail Zarkh - The Effect of Management Guidance Form and Precision on Investor Uncertainty


Qiyun Cai - The Effect of College Opening on Local Housing Prices

Andres Duarte - Multi-Market Interaction as a Means of Overcoming Capacity Constraints in Tacit Collusion Regimes: A Look at the Chemical Tanker Shipping Market

Melanie Harmon - Economics of Mortgage Foreclosure: Investigating Borrower and Lender Responses in Differentiated Legal Environments

William Nowak - The Effect of Gasoline Prices on RTA Transit Ridership (1999-2008)

Scott Oudheusden - Economic Effects of the Magnuson-Stevens Act on the Race to Fish in the Alaskan Halibut Fishery

Samir Pendse - Does Initial Student Enthusiasm Affect Performance in College?

Kevin Rinz - Expanded Unemployment Insurance Eligibility and Post-unemployment Wages:  A Part-time Model

Julie Sawaya - Food Deserts in Chicago, An Empirical Analysis of the Claim, AYou are what you eat@

Robin Saxena - An Empirical Analysis of Nonperforming CMBS Deals Utilizing a Novel Dataset

Billy Schwartz - Murder, Home Prices and the Statistical Value of a Life

William Thompson - Did Monetary Policy Contribute to the Boom in Housing Prices?

Ravi Umarji - The Effects of Financial Development on Inequality

Edgars Vimba - Gravity Model of Trade:  The Case of Latvia, a Small Open Economy

 Norman Wang - Transfer Sizes: A study in Conditional Cash Transfer Incentives

Ray Wong - Finding the Silver Lining in Divorce: The Effects of Divorce on Housing Sales



Spencer Burke - Short and Long-Run Gasoline Demand Elasticity

Marko Duric - A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Tax Increment Financing

Mallory Dwinal - An Economic Analysis of the Returns to Bilingual and Immersion Programs for English Language Learning Hispanic Students in the United States

Tian Huang - Who Gives? An Empirical Analysis of Determinants for Giving to Panhandlers

Syed Irfan - Are Islamic Mortgage Alternatives Different from Conventional Mortgages

Hannah Pitt - Land Title and Incentives in Rural Thailand: A Plot-Level Analysis

Alexandru Rus - A Modest Economic Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Statistical Revolution: Medical and Financial Innovation before 1900

Nicholas Stancu - Dissecting Trade: A Revision of the Effects of Trade Composition on Economic Growth

Catherine Tomasulo - Accuracy Verification Methods and their Ability to Select Experts: An Empirical Analysis


Kate Ashley - Pricing Congestion at O'Hare International Airport:  A Look at Arrival Delays and Congestion-Based Landing Fees

Ja-In Baek - An Empirical Study on Inequality in Korea: The Effect of the 1997 Financial Crisis

Theresa Chin - Borrowing Luxury: The Role of Leasing in Fashion

Lee Ettleman - The Correlation between News Article Characteristics and Stock Price and Volume Volatility

Rami Jachi - Government Multipliers in a Business Cycle Model

Jennifer S. Jhun - Justification, Charity, and Rational Belief in Dynamic Games

Kaidi Liu - The Effect of Migration and One Child Policy on China's Population Distribution and Pension Solvency -- A Provincial Glance

Chenfei Lu - Eminent Domain Legislation Reform and its Effect on Housing Prices

Noah Metz - Divide and Extract: An Empirical Analysis of Ethnic Fragmentation and Energy Depletion

Julie Shen - Recent Effects of Employment in Township and Village Enterprises on Rural Consumption in the People's Republic of China

Matthew Sibery - Demand for Refugee Status:  The Determinants of Asylum Migration to the United States

William Frederick Swee - Horizontal Merger Regulation: A Model for Understanding Decisions of the Federal Trade Commission

Mike Tomkins - Determinants of Civil Settlement of Cases Subject to Mediation in Federal District Court: An Empirical Analysis


Catherine Barrera - Agency and Stewardship: An Experimental Study of a Representative

Marissa Benson - Reducing Recidivism through Therapeutic Community Treatment Programs

Brian Fryd - Economics, Politicians, and Votes: Modeling Congressional Elections

Gregory Hafkin - Fixed Guideway, Variable Success: Analysis of Quantitative Factors Influencing Light-Rail Ridership

Alex Imas - The Effects of Food Aid on Recipient Sentiment towards the Donor

Paul Thissen - Informal Risk Sharing in Urban and Semi-Urban Cameroon

Michael Tong - New Paths: The Tibetan Railroad

Tianyi Wang - Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Drug Approvals in the United States and European Union: 1997-2005

Jhe Yun - A Study on Non-linear Forecasting Methods


Hrithik Bansal - Ethno-Linguistic Fragmentation and Economic Growth in India

Tom Del Carlo - Poverty Alleviation through Trade?

Ian Dew-Becker - Was Lucas Right?

Tara English - Analysis of How Major Employers and Metropolitan Location Relate to the Size of Edge Cities

Jaime Griesgraber - The Role of Pollution Abatement Costs in the Concentration of Manufacturing Industries

Chris Hagel - Choosing How to Choose

Michael Jurewitz - Reliability Must-Run Generation

Hyun Lee - The Effect of the Introduction of KODEX200 on the KOSPI200 Index Spot-Futures Pricing Relationship

Richard Leung - The Effect of Time-to-Build and Demand Uncertainty on Aircraft Orders in the U.S. Airline Industry

Merry Lin - Domestic Partner Benefits and its Effects on Same-Sex and Heterosexual Cohabitating Couples

Hannah McCrea - Evaluating Water Markets: Do Property Rights Promote Efficiency in Freshwater Consumption?

Michael Pruyn - Has the EMU Affected the United Kingdom’s FDI Inflows?

Jeffrey Schumacher - Dispute Dynamics: A Firm-Level Study of Patent Litigation in the Biotechnology Industry

Jessica Tu - Informal Politics and Domestic Investment in China

Reed Van Gorden - The Relationship between R&D Expense and R&D Output in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries


Daniel Averbukh - Why the Jews Won:  An economic analysis of the Israeli War of Independence

Jennifer Avery - How do Countries Grow in Transition?  A Study on Countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Michael Cohen - Online Poker:  High-Stakes Profits

David Deterding - Using the Oaxaca Distribution to Find the Relevance of Market Size in Determining Wins in Major League Baseball

Dianne Esber - Whose Price Is It Anyway? The Gains of Price Discrimination by Incorporation the Effect of Demographics on Elasticity in the Soft Drink Market

Joeffrey Hatton - Do Cigarette Taxes Affect the Prevalence of Youth Marijuana Consumption

Caroline Hollis - Insurance Markets in Developing Countries:  A Look at Weather Derivatives

Darius Horton - Usury Laws in Arkansas:  Boon or Burden?

Erin Huffington - The Impact of Non-cognitive Skills on Educational Attainment, Teenage Pregnancy, Drug Use, and Criminal Conviction

John Hughes III - Medical Liability Caps:  A Failed Solution

Nicholas Jakubowski - An Analysis of the Potential Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Single Fathers

Michael Kaplan - Why Do People Live Where They Do?  An Empirical Study on the Theory of Urban Residential Location

Timothy J. Lee - Education Effects on Economic Growth in Singapore and South Korea

Dena Milligan - The Wireless Personal Communications Services Industry:  Determining the Number of Service Producers in the Market

Christopher Nakutis - Superstition and the Effect of Trading Volume in Asian Markets

Arpan Patel - Modeling Service Outsourcing

Tariq Raza - Modeling the Interest and Exchange Rates Impacts on the Brazilian Agricultural Exports: An Empirical Analysis

Elisabeth Rehder - Winning and Losing:  Title IX and the Competition between Male and Female Athletics

Julian Romero - Revenue Sharing in Sports Leagues

Aarti Rupani - The Impact of Corruption on International Trade

Reuben Subramaniam - Hyperbolic Discounting in an Experimental Market

Mary Svenstrup - Determinants of Welfare Participation and Successful Exit

Nader Varjavand - Comparing Strategies for Candidate Position Taking with Simulated Elections

Diana Wielocha - To Deter or Not to Deter:  An Economic Analysis of the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment and Life without Parole


Elliot Lee Anenberg - The Impact of University Athletic Success on Academics

Adam Gibbs Augustson - Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on Transition Economies

Kenley Barrett - Determinants of Female Decision-Making Power and its Demographic Implications:  An Analysis of Northern and Southern India

Chlump Garry Chatkupt - Buy It Now Prices on eBay and Revenue Maximization

Thomas Eric Gustav Goerner - Wage Gap Analysis in Context of Aggregate Labor Market Influences

Christopher Frederic Goetz - Price Convergence in the European Union:  By what mechanism do poorer countries Acatch up@?

Matthew John McCormick - Motor Gasoline Price Levels and Volatility:  The Cost of Regulation without Coordination

Siwat Vilassakdanont - How Predictable Was the Asian Economic Crisis?  An Application to Thailand’s Economy

Hyungi Woo - Household Structural Change of Korean Families thought Women’s Bargaining Power

Ali Riza Yurukoglu - Does Corruption Lead to Banking Crises?



Rodrigo Aguirre de Carcer - A Study of the Macroeconomic Consequences of South Africa’s AIDS Crisis, and of the Country’s Puzzling Passivity towards the Prevention and Eradication of its Epidemic

Faisal Ahmed - Did Title IV induce productivity growth in the US electric utility industry during Phase I?  An evaluation using Data Enveloping Analysis (DEA)

Brian Cadena - The Impacts of Welfare Reform on the Well-Being of Single Mothers:  An Analysis Using Consumption Goods

Sina Foroohar - Cognitive Biases and Decision-Making in Equity Markets:  An Empirical Analysis of Prospect Theory’s Application to Technical Analysis

Virxhini Gjonzeneli - Racial Earnings Inequality in the Service and Manufacturing Sectors in the United States

Ashlee Humphreys - A Holistic Look at Brand Equity

Katherine James - The Subsidy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Inna Kossova - The Aggregate Own Price Elasticity of Energy Demand over the Last Thirty Years

Katherine Hejean Lee - Immigrants and Welfare Dependency:  Evaluating the Success of the Welfare Reform Act

Lee Lockwood - Macroeconomic Shock Correlations in the CFA Franc Zone

Andrew Merickel - Human Capital and Wage Growth:  A Counter-Revisionist Analysis

Monisha Mitra - Creating a Family-Friendly Work Environment:  Effects of Maternal Leave Policy

Paul Musiala - Accounting for Corruption:  Firm Experience in Transition Economies

Barbara Peschak - Economic Openness and Income Inequality:  An Empirical Study of Europe

Lindsey Piegza - Gender Expectations of Housework:  Analysis of Projection of the Egalitarian Household

Nirupama Putcha - The Economics of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Developing Countries

Komala Ramachandra - Corruption and Growth

Matthias Ruebsamen - Modeling Scientists’ Behavior over Time Factors affecting the Submission of Proposals to the National Science Foundation

Catherine Stahl - The Impact of Tax Policy on Corporate Dividends

Jessica Talati - Labor Market Returns to Education:  A Comparative Analysis among Hispanic Groups

Sherry Wang - Casino Gambling and Employment:  Analysis of the Impact of Gaming on the Employment of Selected Metropolitan Areas

Christina Weng - Comparing the Quality of Care in United States For-Profit and Non-Profit Nursing Homes


Jonathan Achenbach - Business Cycle Model with Indivisible Labor and Asymmetrical Labor Adjustment Cost

Jonathan Bull - An Analysis of the Murder Rate:  Does Drug Enforcement Spending Subsidize Crime?

Einar Einarsson - The Impact of Weather Conditions on Worker Absenteeism

Elliot Fladen - The Effect of State and National Unemployment Rates on Law School Applications Segmented by Prestige and Region

Eric Gretch - Inflation Fighters:  A Study of the Effects of Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes on Growth

Omer Jaweed - Reassessing Motor Vehicle Safety:  Fasten your Seatbelt, and Look out Bikers!

Helen Keung - Labor Productivity and Wages  Do They Keep Up with Each Other?  Is There a Puzzle?

Zachary Johnston - The Role of Section Bias in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program:  An Analysis of the Effects of Diminishing Returns to Educational Inputs on the Performance of Voucher Students

Amit Khandelwal - Inequality, Income and Convergence:  Evidence from Indian States

Adam Kirschner - The Effects of Wealth on Voting Patters during the Election of 1860: Examining the Counties that later Formed the Border between the Union and the Confederacy

Uri Kogan - Accounting for the Energy Embodied in Trade in the Energy Intensity of the Manufacturing Sector of the United States

Mark Kutzbach - Unlocking Land

John Lower - Customer Discrimination and Racial Differences in the Compensation of Professional Baseball Players

Andrew Mauer - Assessing the Effects of Mobile-Source Pollution Regulation:  An Analysis of Hydrocarbon Emissions Patterns among the Existing Vehicle Fleet

Jeet Minocha - Determinants of Biotechnology-Pharmacy Alliance Partners

John Mounce - Influences on Federal Reserve Policy as Manifest in the Federal Funds Rate:  an Empirical Study

Nora Mueller - ALooking for a New Tomorrow@:  Irish Emigration to the United States and Great Britain in the Nineteenth Century

Frank Pitsoulakis - Differential Carbon Tax Rates across Jurisdictions:  The Competitive Consequences and Welfare Effects under Imperfect Competition and Energy Substitution

Justin Ranney - The Playoff Payoff:  Postseason Revenue and Labor Decisions

Samuel Richman - Persian Rugs in Evanston and Other Tales of Agglomeration

Shalini Roy - We Don’t Need No Education?  Explaining the Non-Effect of Education on Growth

Ralph Schwartz - The Arbitrage-Induced Hypothesis:  An Explanation for Negative Returns to Acquiring Firms in a Merger

Timothy Tan - Identifying Weak Links in the Chain from Health Spending to Health Outcomes:  The Cross-Country Impact of Health Policy and Government Efficiency


Spencer Chen - Valuation Implications of Special and Extraordinary Items

Jill Gibson - Who will Serve the Poor:  An Examination of Physician Characteristics

Melissa Hayes - The Space Shuttle Program:  A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Julia He - Book Pricing Policies: An Examination of Bestsellers

Matthew James - Estimator for black-white wealth gap

Ankit Mahadevia - Do Quality and Efficiency Differ across Nonprofits and For-profits? Providers of Hemodialysis to ESRD Patients

Gail Mandelkern - Calculating a price index for residential rent:  methods of controlling for quality change bias

Jennifer Paulson - Vacation Time in the United States and Europe

Amy Popick - Effects of High School Employment on Academic Achievement

Devin Renberg - Wealth and Black Mortality in 1870 America

Jeffrey Shulman - The Immediate and Short-Term Effects of Consumer Promotions on Produce Revenue and Product-Line Marketshare

John Tang - Does Insurance Type Matter?  The Impact of Patient Insurance Status on Hospital Readmission Rates

Deepak Venkat - Use of Means-Tested Welfare by Immigrants: A Follow-up Study