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New Faculty 2022

The Northwestern Department of Economics is proud to introduce the newest members of our faculty. This year's hiring season produced a wealth of talentedindividuals who will undoubtedly go on to enrich and broaden the field of economics and our department as a whole. Please join us in making them feel welcome in the fall and keep an eye out for our summer '22 newsletter for more information.



Elisa Jácome (Applied Microeconomics)

Professor Jácome’s research is in Applied Microeconomics, labor and public economics, and she is especially interested in questions related to criminal justice, immigration, and economic mobility.

Diego Känzig (Macroeconomics)

Professor Känzig’s research is in macroeconomics with a focus on climate change and inequality. In his work, he studies the role of energy and climate change for economic fluctuations and how economic inequality matters for the transmission of macroeconomic shocks and policies.

Maxim Sinitsyn (Industrial Organization)

Maxim Sinitsyn’s main research interests are in the area of product pricing. He worked on price promotions, investigating how firms should coordinate promotions of related products.