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Daley Kutzman, Scott Ogawa and Eric Schulz chosen to be on ASG Faculty Honor Roll

October 11, 2018
Over the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, Associated Student Government (ASG) collected nominations for the Faculty Honor Roll from the student body. Nearly 200 students submitted faculty members, writing thorough and complex portraits of the educators who make Northwestern the institution that it is. ASG wishes to honor the work of the faculty whose dedication and care for students led to their inclusion on this list.

Teaching Assistants Honored and Bies Prizes Awarded at Fall Luncheon

October 26, 2017

Fourteen Economics Teaching Assistants were honored for excellence in teaching: Sergio Armella Olazabal, David Benson, José Carreno-Garcia, Gabriela Cugat, Ricardo Dahis, Ana Danieli, Jamie Daubenspeck, Loren Fryxell, Joseph Hardwick, Matthew Leisten, Giacomo Magistretti, James Myatt, Dmitry Sedov and Alex Theisen. 

Victoria Marone and Laia Navarro-Sola received the Susan Bies Prize for Doctoral Student Research on Economics and Public Policy. The awards are given to the best public policy papers presented as part of the Economics 501 Graduate Student seminar. 




Melanie Meng Xue's article: Cotton textile production in medieval China unravelled patriarchy

June 28, 2018
Using a detailed historical case – the cotton revolution in China – we can see that patriarchal beliefs are indeed highly resilient but also that they can be transformed by a sufficiently large increase in women’s productivity. The image of highly productive women positively shapes cultural beliefs about women’s ability, and then translates into a more positive view about women in general.

Economic Majors Maggie Hoffman '18 and Colleen (Hastings) Van Ham '94, President and CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Illinois Connect to Discuss Careers in Healthcare

June 20, 2018
When it’s time to enter the working world, Weinberg College students possess two powerful advantages: a broad and transferable skill set, and a successful and devoted alumni network. “The trick is getting students to believe the former, and to avail themselves of the latter,” says Jane Corey Holt, director of the College’s Austin J. Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program.

Joel Mokyr Quick Take on 19th Century Tech Boom

June 8, 2018
Quick take: Joel Mokyr, a foremost 19th century scholar at Northwestern University, suggests that the Industrial Revolution and World War I are less of a window into what’s coming from our tech revolution than people presume.

Joseph Hardwick wins Weinberg College Teaching Award

June 6, 2018
Joseph Hardwick, a PhD candidate in economics who, as one student said, "is responsible and enthusiastic in teaching, knowledgeable and always eager to learn, and most importantly, sincerely caring [toward] his students.”


Student-led NET a Success

April 19, 2018
The Undergraduate Economic Society (UES) successfully planned and produced the second annual Northwestern Economics Tournament (NET) on April 7, 2018. NET welcomed 16 high school teams from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to the Kellogg Global Hub to participate in a day filled with quiz bowls and lectures from our distinguished graduate students and faculty members.

Opinion piece on Matthew Notowidigdo’s NEJM paper: The truth about medical bankruptcies

April 10, 2018
The NEJM paper is part of a larger project, which the authors recently wrote up for the American Economic Review. That paper found that the size of the drop in income after an illness was about five times that of the resulting medical bills, suggesting that the financial strain is likely to be much more driven by income loss than health-care costs.


Faculty Spotlight: Cynthia Kinnan

March 1, 2018
Throughout her career, IPR economist Cynthia Kinnan has sought to bring scientific tools to the conversation about poverty in the developing world.


The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award Goes to Robert Porter

February 20, 2018
The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Economics, Finance and Management category goes, in this tenth edition, to Timothy Bresnahan, Ariel Pakes and Robert Porter for founding and shaping the field of empirical industrial organization, a branch of economics that has developed fundamental techniques to measure market power (understood as the ability of a firm to control prices in a given industry). “Motivated by important and policy-relevant questions in applied economics,” remarks the jury in its citation, “they developed methodologies that had a significant and long-lasting impact on subsequent work in industrial organization as well as other applied fields.”


Faculty Receive Awards at 2018 ASSA Meeting

January 17, 2018
Charles Manski was honored with the 2017 Distinguished Fellows Award at the 2018 ASSA Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia, PA on January 5-7, 2018. Additionally, Martin Eichenbaum and Lawrence Christiano were awarded with the AEJ: Macroeconomics Best Paper Award.  View photos from the event.


Riccardo Marchingiglio Named Bradley Fellow

December 21, 2017
Riccardo Marchingiglio was one of six recipients of the Stigler Center Ph.D. Dissertation Award. He received $15,000 and the designation as a Bradley Fellow. He was selected for his academic excellence and rigorous research on topics relating to the political, economic, and cultural obstacles to better working markets.

Northwestern Economics Takes 2nd Place in Regional College Federal Reserve Challenge

December 15, 2017
On Monday, November 13, Northwestern University took second place in the Regional College Federal Reserve Challenge at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago over top schools from around the Midwest. The competition involved two rounds, where in each the team had to present a discussion of about the state of the economy and proposing Federal Reserve responses to it, and then taking questions from a panel of Federal Reserve economists. The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater won, and the University of Chicago finished in third place. Mark Witte was the faculty adviser to the team.

The presenting team members were: Megan Angell, Helen Burkhardt, Olyvia Chinchilla, Pranav Dhingra, Hassan Sayed
The research assistant team members were: Samuel Webber, Anushka Jain, Christopher Yang Guo, Hadi Shiraz, Joanna Wan, Patrick Liu, Rahul S Shukla, Yuqi Zh

Robert Gordon Featured

December 5, 2016

Professor Robert Gordon was selected by Bloomberg Markets as one of the 50 Most Influential People in the World for 2016. His book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth, was a finalist for the Financial Times and McKinsey Best Business Book of the Year Award and was featured by the New York Times as among the 100 Most Notable Books of 2016. In late November he traveled to the Retreat of the IMF Executive Board in Williamsburg, Virginia, where a morning of presentation and discussion was devoted to his ideas on the sources of slowing worldwide growth.