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Mar Reguant Appointed to French Committee on Climate Change

May 29, 2020
Climate, inequalities, demography: installation of a committee of experts on major economic challenges.

Overcoming the crisis facing us, responding to global challenges, means taking strong and appropriate measures, adopting new ideas, implementing bold actions.

This is why the President of the Republic asked 26 economists to set up a committee on the major economic challenges.

Climate, inequality, and demography are three crucial issues for the future and prosperity of nations. On each of them, new economic solutions are needed, all the more so in the economies that have been hit by the COVID crisis.

The Commission of Experts on the Great Economic Challenges - set up today during a videoconference - is responsible for proposing an analytical framework based on economic science, and for drawing recommendations to make economic policies more effective in responding to these challenges. The committee will study more specifically the case of European countries and France in particular.

Composition of the commission

26 academic economists, working in France or abroad. The rapporteurs of the committee are Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole. A dedicated team is responsible for managing work on each of the three challenges:

1. The climate: Mar Reguant and Christian Gollier. 
2. Inequalities: Stefanie Stantcheva and Dani Rodrik.
3. Demography: Axel Borsch-Supan, Claudia Diehl and Carol Propper.
The other members of the commission: Philippe Aghion; Richard Blundell; Laurence Boone; Valentina Bosetti; 
Daniel Cohen; Peter Diamond; Emmanuel Farhi; Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln; Michael Greenstone; Hillary Hoynes; 
Paul Krugman; Thomas Philippon; Jean Pisani-Ferry; Adam Posen;
Nick Stern; Lawrence Summers; Laura Tyson.

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