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Economics Video Series

Jeff Ely: Game Theory and Decision-Making

A tragic tale of polarization played out by three robed characters: Ruth, Anthony and Clarence. 


Matt Notowidigdo: Labor Outcomes After Winning the Lottery

How does winning the lottery in Sweden impact labor market outcomes such as income, employment and retirement? One of the key methodological strengths of the research is the detailed data that allows the researchers to study the effects of "unearned income" on labor supply using the framework of a randomized control trial.


Mar Reguant: Machine Learning and Energy Efficiency

A study on the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects in California K-12 public schools. In line with recent research, Mar and her co-authors find that projects do not deliver as many savings as expected, although the exact bottom line depends substantially on how such returns are measured. The team explores the use of machine learning tools to improve measurement of the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects.


Chris Udry: Development Economics and the Global Poverty Research Lab

Chris Udry’s path to becoming a development economist focused on global poverty.