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PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our PhD Graduates! We wish all of our graduate students success as they continue their teaching and research pursuits at fine institutions and firms throughout the world.


2020 PhD Job Placement

Sergio Armella

NERA Economic Consulting, New York City

Bruno Barsanetti

Fundacao Getulio Vargas Brazilian School of Economics and Finance, Brazil

Jose Carreno-Garcia

Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco (Visiting Fellow) then University of Oregon

Jamie Daubenspeck

Cornerstone Research, Chicago

Loren Fryxell

Oxford University (Postdoc) 

Joseph Hardwick

University of Chicago

Yutaro Izumi

University of Tokyo (Postdoc)

Ryan Lee

Bates White, Washington, DC

Matthew Leisten

Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC

Giacomo Magistretti

International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC

Riccardo Marchingiglio

Analysis Group, Chicago

Victoria Marone

The University of Texas at Austin

Hugh Montag

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC

Kota Murayama

Monash University (Postdoc) then Chinese University of Hong Kong

Laia Navarro-Sola

Stockholm University 

Pinchuan Ong

National University of Singapore (Business School)

Richard Peck

Capital One, Chicago

Alex Theisen

Rochester University

Yiling Zhao

Peking University

Gabriel Ziegler

University of Edinburgh

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