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New Faculty Members

The department is thrilled to introduce the newest members of our faculty. 


George-Marios Angeletos (Macroeconomics)

Professor Angeletos is a macroeconomist and an applied theorist, whose most recent work has focused on the role of behavioral and information frictions. This ranges from elementary questions such as whether the Welfare Theorems remain valid in the presence of these frictions, to practical policy questions such as how these frictions affect the effectiveness and optimal design of forward guidance along the ZLB. Other topics include optimal debt management, whether deficits can finance themselves, the indeterminacy “bug” of the New Keynesian model, the source of business cycles, the aggregate implications of incomplete markets, and global games. 

Professor Angeletos joined Northwestern in 2023, after 22 years of faculty service at MIT. He completed his undergraduate studies at Athens University of Economics and Business (in his motherland, Greece), and received his Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2001. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, a member of the Academy of Athens, and a recipient of a Sloan Foundation fellowship and multiple NSF grants. 

Jonas Jin (Development Economics)

Jonas Jin's research lies at the intersection of development and labor economics, with specific interests in inequality and intergenerational mobility in developing countries. He is particularly interested in factors affecting childhood opportunities, such as education and parental migration.


Garima Sharma (Development Economics)

Garima Sharma’s work focuses on development and labor economics. She studies market power in developing countries, the causes and consequences of gender disparities in the labor market, and the role of social protection in improving the lives of the poor.