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Spring 2022 Class Schedule

This represents the initial intentions of the Economics Department. Times are subject to change when the Registrar allocates rooms.
ECON 201Introduction to MacroeconomicsMcKenzieMWF  11:00-11:50T or Th at 3:30 or 4:30 $
ECON 202Introduction to MicroeconomicsHern├índez-SaboritTTh  12:30-1:50F at 9 or 10 $
ECON 202Introduction to MicroeconomicsSchulzMW  4:00-5:20F at 1 or 2 $
ECON 281Introduction to Applied EconometricsWalkerMWF  9:00-9:50T or Th at 5 or 6 $
ECON 307Economics of Medical CareLimbrockMW  12:30-1:50F 12:30-1:50
ECON 308Money and BankingRognlieMW  2:00-3:20F 2:00-3:20
ECON 310-1Microeconomics IPavanMW  8:30-9:50amT or Th at 5 or 6 $
ECON 310-2Microeconomics IISinitsynTTh  11:00-12:20M or W at 3 or 4 $
ECON 311MacroeconomicsChristianoTTh  2:00-3:20M or W at 3 or 4 $
ECON 315Topics in Economic HistoryLevintal (Loewenthal)TTh  11:00-12:20F 11:00-11:50
ECON 323-2Economic History of the United States After 1865OttingerTTh  2:00-3:20F 2:00-2:50
ECON 325Economic Growth and DevelopmentMatsuyamaMW  11:00-12:20F 11:00-12:20
ECON 326The Economics of Developing CountriesBeamanTTH  12:30-1:50F 1:00-1:50
ECON 329Experimental EconomicsOgawaMW  9:30-10:50F 9:30-10:50
ECON 330Behavioral EconomicsSchulzMW  7:00-8:20pmF 2:00-2:50
ECON 337Economics of State and Local GovernmentsVannutelliTTh  11:00-12:20F 11:00-11:50
ECON 339Labor EconomicsHern├índez-SaboritTTh  9:30-10:50F 10:00-10:50
ECON 341Economics of EducationOgawaTTh  9:30-10:50F 10-10:50
ECON 349Industrial EconomicsHendelTTh  2:00-3:20F 2:00-2:50
ECON 350Monopoly, Competition, and Public PolicyHornstenTTh  12:30-1:50F 1:00-1:50
ECON 354Issues in Urban and Regional EconomicsMcKenzieMW  2:00-3:20F 2:00-3:20
ECON 360-2InvestmentsUedaMW  9:30-10:50F 9:30-10:50
ECON 361International TradeWitteMW  12:30-1:50F 12:30-1:50
ECON 362International FinanceWalkerMW  11:00-12:20F 11:00-12:20
ECON 372Environmental EconomicsWitteMW  3:30-4:50F 3:30-4:50
ECON 381-2EconometricsPorterMW  2:00-3:20F 2:00-3:20
ECON 398-2Senior SeminarHornstenTBA  TBA
ECON 410-3MicroeconomicsOlszewskiMW  9:00-10:50KGH 1410M 3:30-5:20 (KGH 2420), F 3:00-4:50 (KGH 1410)
ECON 411-3MacroeconomicsDoepkeTTh  1:00-2:50KGH 1410F 11:00-12:50
ECON 412-3Economic Theory and MethodsPeiTTh  3:30-5:20KGH 3301
ECON 414-2Economics of InformationGuoThF  1:30-3:20FSL 2378 (Th), KGH 3301 (F)
ECON 416-3Advanced MacroeconomicsRognlieMW  9:00-10:50KGH 3301
ECON 420-1American Economic HistoryChabotMW  6:30-8:20pmKGH 3301
ECON 425-3Development EconomicsBeamanTTh  9:00-10:50KGH 3301
ECON 450-3Industrial OrganizationHendelTTh  11:00-12:50KGH 1410
ECON 460-2International EconomicsMatsuyamaMW  3:30-5:20KGH 3301
ECON 480-3EconometricsCanayTTh  9:00-10:50KGH 1410M 11:30-1:20 (KGH 3301), F 9:00-10:50 (KGH 1410)
ECON 481-3Advanced EconometricsCanayTTh  1:30-3:20KGH 3301
ECON 498-1Advanced Topics in EconomicsAngeletos / PavanMW  1:30-3:20KGH 1410
ECON 498-2Advanced Topics in EconomicsSchanzenbachMW  1:30-3:20KGH 3301
ECON 498-2Advanced Topics in EconomicsIllanesTBA  KGH TBA
ECON 501Graduate Student SeminarPavan  MWF - MW 11:00 - 11:50 AM, F 2:00- 2:50 PMKGH 1410
ECON 515Research Seminar in Economic TheoryGolub / LiangW  3:30-4:50KGH TBA
ECON 520Research Seminar in Economic HistoryFerrieW  3:30-4:50KGH 3301
ECON 525Research Seminar in Development EconomicsBeamanTh  3:30-4:50KGH 1410
ECON 530Research Seminar in MacroeconomicsPrimiceriM  12:00-1:20KGH 1410
ECON 535Research Seminar in Applied MicroeconomicsSchnellTBA  TBATBA
ECON 550Research Seminar in Industrial OrganizationPorterM  3:30-4:50KGH 1410
ECON 560Research Seminar in International EconomicsMatsuyamaTBD 
ECON 580Research Seminar in EconometricsCanayT  3:30-4:50KGH 1410
STAT 210Introductory Statistics for the Social SciencesSinitsynMWF  10:00-10:50T at 5 or Th at 4 $

$ = Discussion sections in core classes are for 50 minutes