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Study Abroad

When you take courses as part of an NU study abroad program, you may be able to get Economics course credit.  We are certainly willing to consider other possible economics classes for transfer.  However, we cannot guarantee that any class will transfer for credit at Northwestern until after we have reviewed the materials upon your return. Be sure to work with Northwestern University's Global Learning Office at each step, starting before you go abroad and after you return.

You will need to get pre-approval for your intended program and course plan from Professor Witte, and then get an economics adviser to sign off on transferring your credits after you get back. Additionally, if you are a WCAS student, you must see your WCAS adviser. Refer to the GLO website for application steps.


We will accept up to two economics credits per term of study, up to a maximum of four in one year, subject to approval by an economics adviser.  A year-long economics class can count as two Northwestern economics credits.  If you are considering taking one of the economics core classes abroad, it should be very similar to what we offer here.  If you are considering taking an Economics 300-level field class, it need not be similar to what we offer, but it should be a serious economics class with prerequisites of intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, or econometrics.  Either way, you have to check with your economics adviser before you take the class.

Additionally, we have developed a London School of Economics & Political Sciences (LSE) Summer Program course equivalency table with the Office of the Registrar which lists the LSE summer program courses that we have approved in the past and how they would transfer back to NU. You still need to follow the same study abroad process of submitting a study abroad application through GLO and getting approval before you leave; however,  upon your return, if you meet NU’s minimum grade and transfer requirements the Registrar will automatically transfer the class to your record as indicated on the equivalency table without you having to petition for NU credit for courses taken abroad with an economics adviser. You may also be required to submit other items upon your return to the Global Learning Office, so please check in with them.

Please note, the LSE generally only accepts students into EC212:Introduction to Econometrics if you have taken statistics at the university level; however, they will admit Northwestern students who have received a "5" on their AP statistics test. Students should note in their application: "I’m a Northwestern University student applying for EC212. In order to meet the statistics requirement, I have provided evidence of a grade of 5 in AP statistics (which Northwestern has credited).

LSE Equivalent Courses

The Department of Economics has partnered with the Global Poverty Research Lab at the Buffett Institute for Global Studies to offer a new and unique study abroad opportunity for undergraduates at the University of Ghana – Legon in fall (Aug-Dec) or spring (Jan-May). Students will be matched with a University of Ghana faculty member to conduct independent research and a related internship on a current economic development project by providing data analysis in Stata. Coursework and independent study credits earned can be applied as Econ 3XX field courses toward the major, upon approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.