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Alumnae Interviews


Top: Christine Mulhern '13, Gabrielle Alves '13,  Emily Vogt '18,  Sree Kathiravan '13
Bottom: Jill Grewe '12, Lisa Grewe '15, Tricia Luko '15, Tulsi Patel '11


Research indicates that exposing successful economics alumnae to undergraduate women significantly increases the likelihood of those women persisting in the major. To highlight the array of career paths available to our undergraduate students, we invited alumnae from different areas, including research, product management, digital marketing, and more, to share their unique experiences. Each of the alumnae participated in a virtual interview, moderated by a founding member of our new Womxn in Economics club. Check out the highlight videos below! 

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Gabrielle Alves '13

Katie Daehler '21 and ECON alumna Gabrielle Alves '13 talk about how to gain confidence in a gender-skewed field and the importance of using failure as a motivator. 

Jill Grewe '12

Kalina Pierga '23 and ECON alumna, Jill Grewe '12 examined the future of economics as well as the importance of reaching out to your network and finding mentorship.

Lisa Grewe '15

Rowan Lapi '23 and ECON alumna Lisa Grewe '15 discussed the importance of leaning in and using one’s voice as well as the importance of sticking with something you are passionate about.

Sree Kathiravan '13

Shloka Shetty '21 and ECON alumna Sree Kathiravan '13 discussed useful strategies to thrive in a gender-skewed workplace as well as being curious about your passions and being open to exploring different opportunities.

Tricia Luko '15

Kalina Pierga '23 interviews ECON alumna Tricia Luko '15 on her career, not being afraid to try different career paths, and maximizing your Northwestern connections.

Christine Mulhern '13

Katie Daehler '21 and ECON alumna, Christine Mulhern '13 discussed the wide range and variety of opportunities there are with an ECON degree as well as the usefulness of the skills learned in an ECON degree.

Tulsi Patel '11

Kalina Pierga '23 and ECON alumna Tulsi Patel '11 discussed ECON courses, imposter syndrome, learning that it is okay to not know all the answers, and being a lifelong learner.

Emily Vogt '18

Katie Daehler '21 and ECON alumna Emily Vogt '18 examined how the field of economics has much to gain from women and underrepresented groups as well as the need to normalize failure.

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