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Faculty New Year's Podcast Recommendations

A great way to learn more about economics or stay well versed in the field is to listen to podcasts.  We hope you enjoy the podcasts recommended by our faculty. 

Faculty New Year's Podcast Recommendations


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Ian Savage

Jeffrey Lewis












Podcast Name: EconTalk

Podcast Episode Title: "Steven Levitt on Freakonomics and the State of Economics," November 9, 2020

Podcast Host: Russ Roberts 

Podcast Link 

Lewis: In this EconTalk episode, Steven Levitt has some funny anecdotes about life in an Econ department, such as: And the same chairman who didn't want me to teach Freakonomics, the next year came around, and I saw that I had been reassigned to an 80-person classroom. And, I went to him, and I said, 'Hey, this doesn't really make sense. We've got 300 students who want to take the class.' And, he said, 'Well, the problem is all the other faculty members got really upset because there were hardly any students in their classes, and they complained so much that I'm going to lower you back down to 80 again.'

Other Notes

Lewis: Here are some EconTalk episodes about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Paul Romer on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tyler Cowen on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Will a COVID-19 Vaccine Change the Future of Medical Research?

Becker Fridman Institute Pandemic Economics

Ian Savage

Lori Beaman


Podcast Name: The Weeds Podcast

Podcast Host: Matthew Yglesias

Podcast Link

Beaman: The Weeds is largely a politics podcast but at least once each week they discuss a white paper on current research from academic economists or political scientists.

Robert Gordon

Marciano Siniscalchi








Podcast Name: Capitalisn't Podcast

Podcast Hosts:  Luigi Zingales  and Bethany McLean 

Podcast Link

Siniscalchi: Accessible discussion of a broad range of economics-related topics, broadly defined. It is especially interesting to contrast Luigi's views, which reflect his economist's perspective, with Bethany's, who is a (very famous) journalist focusing on economics and finance.


Podcast Name: The Lex Fridman Podcast

Podcast Host: Lex Fridman

Podcast Link

Siniscalchi: Lately he's been hosting political figures. Avoid those episodes. Focus on the AI/CS-focused ones, which are great and have very influential guests. Very long episodes, which I love!

Mar Reguant

Mar Reguant


Podcast Name: A Matter of Degrees Podcast

Podcast Hosts: Katharine Wilkinson and Leah Stokes

Podcast Link

Reguant: I do not always agree with what they might say, but they are very interesting women who have a lot of visibility and are trying to change the world for the better.

Mark Witte


Mark Witte


Podcast Name: Planet Money

Podcast Host: Robert Smith

Podcast Link

Witte: Planet Money has some very listenable stuff!

Related Suggestions

Witte: This isn't a podcast, but Raj Chetty's class videos are a great place to learn a lot about domestic econ problems and policy.

Class Link

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