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Our Programs and Curriculum


Economics at Northwestern


Our world-class department owes its reputation to outstanding faculty dedicated to teaching and research, as well as engaged students who take advantage of learning opportunities in and beyond the classroom.

The Economics major and minor are open to all undergraduates. The Ph.D. program has 125 students in residence. 

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Our Faculty


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Meet our Faculty

Our distinguished faculty includes fellows of the American Economic Association, members of the National Academy of Sciences and editors of the American Economic Review and other prestigious journals. Longtime faculty member Dale Mortensen was winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Economics.


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Recent Publications

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Center for Economic History receives $2.5 million grant from Menard family

The grant will establish the Menard Fellows program, which will support post-doctoral students, the Menard Research Fund, which will support post-doctoral and graduate student research and a tenured professor who also will act as the center’s associate director.

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Marina Siquiera


Siqueira, majoring in both Economics and Industrial Engineering answers questions ranging from her Murphy Scholar project studying the effects of mergers on product assortment to her experience as an undergraduate, as well as, an Economics major, and her plans for the future!

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Economic Research during COVID-19

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, economic uncertainty continues to grow. In an effort to better understand the economic impact of this pandemic, our faculty members have been hard at work publishing new research. Below is a selection of published papers and articles from our esteemed faculty members on the potential economic impact of the coronavirus.


Economics Video Series


Learn about the innovative research of our faculty.

News and Events


Weekly Seminars

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Our weekly seminars bring renowned economists from universities around the globe. Explore all 7 of our seminar series, which are held in fall and spring quarters.

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Applied Microeconomics Lunch Seminar

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Evanston

Pablo A. Pena (University of Chicago): Choosing Season of Birth: A Fresh Look   Abstract: W e present a theoretical model where mothers...

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Francisco Pareschi and Maren Vairo awarded the Robert Eisner Memorial Fellowships
Jose Alvarado and Anran Li awarded the Susan Bies Prizes for Doctoral Student Research on Economics and Public Policy
Benjamin Golub awarded the Calvo-Armengol International Prize from the Barcelona School of Economics
Joshua Sherman's article, "When Antitrust's Consumer Welfare Standard And ESG Collide"
Joel Mokyr cited in article, "Men Are Losing Their Grip in the New Economy"

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